RSRCHR is a cloud-based platform that provides a secure extensible data storage and processing environment for neuroscience-based researchers. RSRCHR delivers:

  • Secure, structured, easy to navigate data storage and management.
  • On-demand virtual workstations with pre-configured data analysis tools.
  • Easy access to collaborators within and across institutions and around the world.
  • An all in one web platform - no software installs, updates or compatibility issues.

Your data, from anywhere

RSRCHR's cloud-based infrastructure ensures that you are always able to access your data, from your lab or anywhere else. With built-in redundancy and extensibility, you never need to worry about running out of space, upgrading for capacity, or loss of data.

Your data, from any angle

RSRCHR's data flow structure allows you to explore your data from any angle, and to efficiently find what you are looking for. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and tables, and say hello to automated and flexible filtering!

Your data, secure and compliant

RSRCHR provides built-in data compliance and security.

With RSRCHR, you never need to worry about the security of your data again. Your important data is encrypted and protected at all points of access and storage. And compliancy is easy with built-in encryption, compliancy logging and best-practices data sets.

Your data, your collaborators, one happy lab

With RSRCHR, collaboration and reproducibility is as easy as adding a collaborator or reviewer to your lab. Provide your collaborators with full access, or read/write access to specific sets of data. This allows easy, cohesive data sharing and collaboration within an onsite lab, with offsite collaborators, and provides continuity for large, multi-site studies.